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The Evexia Science Difference


We do things better. We're not an MLM, big pharma, or beholden to trends or shareholders. We're a small, family-run business, we do what we love, and we're different from the other guys out there.

Plant Biologist

Made by nature. Harnessed by science.

That's our slogan and our promise to you. We think nature is pretty good at her job, so we work with her. We use science to understand which natural compounds work best, in what combinations, at what doses, and in what mode of delivery. We call this "a pharmacological approach to natural ingredients."

100% natural ingredients that really work.

We use ingredients that are 100% natural and backed by solid research from peer-reviewed scientific journals. We don’t use ingredients that are hype-based, trendy, or traditionally used—unless they actually work.


Expertly formulated for maximum benefit.

Did you know that vitamin C helps your body better absorb iron? That’s true for many compounds, and it’s why our ingredients are expertly combined in a way that helps them all work better together. We don’t just throw together any compound that’s shown to target an issue—everything we select has to earn its keep.

Proper concentration.

Ever heard the saying “The dose makes the poison”? It means that a substance will only work as intended if it’s taken in a certain dose. Evexia Science knows that range of effectiveness and properly formulates products with proper concentrations of nutrients.


Best mode of delivery.

If you have a sore throat would you apply a pain-relieving cream to the bottom of your feet or spritz a throat spray in your mouth? In this case, a spray is going to work better and it’s going to be most effective if you use it where it’s needed! That’s why we formulate our products to have the best mode of delivery.

Custom designed by a real scientist.

No white label here! All of our products are 100% custom formulations by a scientist with two bachelor of science degrees in chemistry and nutritional science.

Image by Markus Spiske

Totally free of:

  • Animal products

  • Top-8 allergens

  • Yeast

  • GMOs

  • Artificial flavors/colors

  • BS (we mean bulls***, not Bachelor of Science)

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