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Growing up with significant health issues that the doctors couldn't solve, Justin was always searching for solutions. His research mindset and interests in health and science drove him to seek a degree in nutritional science. After graduating from Brigham Young University and working as a product formulator, he decided to further his education and he earned another science degree—this time in chemistry with a biochemistry emphasis.

Justin initially formulated products primarily for himself because he couldn't find what he needed on the market. And after using them for a while, he decided to share them—and his friends and family loved them! For a few years he worked on his products on the side, but as demand started to grow, he took a leap of faith, quit his 9-to-5, and decided to follow his passion and make Evexia Science his full-time job.

Evexia Science LLC was founded in 2021. We are still in our infancy, but we look forward to helping our loyal customers, expanding our product line, and increasing our availability as we grow!

About: Our origins


Made by nature. Harnessed by science.

We consider factors like the best method of use, dosage and ingredient ratios, and expert pairing of active compounds to maximize results and minimize side effects. Once we think we've got it just right, we put our prototypes to the test to see how they perform in the real world.

The products at Evexia Science are custom formulated with scientific, pharmacological principles. They're natural products designed with a science, pharmacology mindset, meaning we take into account two things to maximize product efficacy:

  1. ADME (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, and Elimination)

  2. Biochemical mechanisms of active ingredients

About: Philosophy


Justin, BSc, is a chemist and nutritional scientist, armed with two degrees in those fields, experience testing and designing nutritional products, and the scientific know-how to design nutraceutical products with a pharmacological mindset. His main interest is the gut–brain connection, and using natural ingredients to help others improve their health. He is the idea man and the brains behind the operation, working as President and Head Chemist at Evexia Science.

About: Justin


Ashley has a BFA in Graphic Design and has been a professional designer for over a decade. She has worked in creative agencies and with clients in industries ranging from beauty and entertainment to telecommunications and technology. She has a knack for branding, and serves as the resident creative and marketing genius at Evexia Science.

About: Ashley
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